About the WP Inn

The Creator of the WP Inn

My name is Gary Sonnenberg. I created this site called The WP Inn.

I live in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA, which may or may not be near where you live.

Probably not. Statistics and probability are against you.

I’ve lived in the wonderful state of Wisconsin for all but 5 years of my life, if you don’t count my 4 years in college in Minnesota and the one year I spent emergency teaching in that state as well.

Where was I those other 5 years? I was teaching in Nebraska, the state with no pro football team, other than the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Ahem.

My wife and I are the parents of 3 and the grandparents of several. Sadly, none of those grandchildren live in Wisconsin.

Why the WP Inn Exists

I’ve been using WordPress for over 5 years on various websites. Sometimes I wonder what this or that change would look like, but I don’t want to mess up an existing site.

So the WP Inn is a place for me to experiment with all-things-WordPress. (If you’re not sure what WordPress is, you’ve probably stumbled onto the wrong site. Thanks for visiting, but you’ll have more fun elsewhere.)

If you are interested in running WordPress websites, you might find something of interest here from time to time.

I’ll be playing around with themes, plugins, and general design from time to time. So the next time you visit, this site could look completely different from your last encounter. Consider that a good thing.

How You Can Use the WP Inn

You can browse the WP Inn to see what I’ve been up to lately in the world of WordPress.

If there is something you’re interested in learning related to WordPress but don’t see it here right now, drop me a note; that is, send me an email and tell me about it.

Odds are that I’ll reply quickly and will try to help you out, as long as you’re a nice person – which I’m sure you are.

FYI: The box below is presented courtesy of a plugin called Rich Snippets. It’s something Google supposedly likes, even if the rest of us don’t.

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