Are You Using Gutenberg Blocks?

Note: What looks like a poll above is just a screenshot of the real poll below. Your mouse or cursor or finger is working just fine.

Gutenberg – aka WordPress version 5 – has been around for over a year, as of this writing.

The basic unit of creation in Gutenberg is the block. This separates paragraphs (and other features) of a post or page as you create an article in the editor on the backend of WordPress.

This separation is what differentiates Gutenberg from the Classic editor found in pre-5.0 versions of WordPress.

That older editor, which most of us “grew up” with is still available.

So, here’s my question…

Which one are you currently using?

UPDATE: I added a different version of the poll below.

Gutenberg Blocks or Classic Editor?

You’ll see the poll results immediately after voting.

Add a comment about your choice (below the related posts), if you like.

UPDATE: The version below uses a different plugin.

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Gutenberg or Classic?

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