Belly Up to the Bar

Belly Up to the Footer Bar

The Astra theme has an area called the Footer Bar. It’s actually quite a handy portion of a page.

I prefer to put pages like About and Contact at the bottom of a page, so I used the Footer Bar to hold them.

Features of the Footer Bar

If you scroll down to the bottom of any page at the WP Inn, you’ll see a (currently) dark gray bar with a thin blue line at the top and white text inside that is as wide as the rest of the content above it.

I mention all those specifics because you can change most of them. The only thing you can’t change is the dark gray and the white colors.

You can change the color and thickness of the top blue line. You (obviously) can change the text inside the bar.

That text is in two separate sections. Currently, I have Section 1 – copyright and “powered by” information – above Section 2 – the menu links. You could also have them side-by-side, if you prefer.

Note that all of this is above the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy links which the plugin WP AutoTerms manages to squeeze in down there completely separate from everything else on the site.

You can change the width of the Footer Bar from content width to full screen width, if you want. I’m leaving it set where it started at content width. However, it looks like it’s extending to the full width of my screen anyway. Oh well.

How To Access the Footer Bar

Footer Bar

The way not to use the Footer Bar is by adding things into its widget. I found that adding a Navigation Menu widget (at Appearance > Widgets) to one of the Footer Bar Section widgets, that Astra gives you by default, doesn’t change anything in the Footer Bar area.

Instead, you need to go to Customize > Layout > Footer > Footer Bar to add items to either Section 1 or Section 2. It’s there that I added a menu (created earlier at Appearance > Menus) to Section 2.

So I’m not sure why Astra includes Footer Bar Section 1 and Footer Bar Section 2 widgets in the general widgets area. They don’t seem to be necessary, much less usable.

Belly Up to the Footer Bar
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Belly Up to the Footer Bar
Working with the Astra theme footer bar
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