Elementor Isn’t As Elementary As You Might Think

UPDATE #1: I did move my instance of Elementor Pro from another site to the WP Inn.

UPDATE #2: I have removed Elementor from this site with the coming of WP 5.0 (aka Gutenberg).

There is a popular WordPress plugin called Elementor that can turn your post and page creation into a drag and drop “feeding frenzy”.

At the WP Inn, I’ve only implemented the free Page Builder version of Elementor. If you want to do more, like create Post Templates (and some other advanced things), you’ll have to pony up $49 (currently) for the first year. If you want continued support after the first year, the creators do offer a reduced yearly rate.

Elementor Has Friends

Another route you can take – and that I’ve taken here – if you want more options to go with this plugin, is to add more related plugins. There are several other plugin makers who have essentially created sub-plugins for Elementor.

The one I have chosen is called Essential Addons for Elementor. Without it, I couldn’t have created the layout you see on the home page of the WP Inn. (Well, technically I could have, but it would have been much more difficult.)

I especially like the ability to add and arrange (within certain limits) my Posts on the home page. There is no option that allows that within the original Page Builder version of Elementor.

I may show you some of the how-to’s of Elementor in future posts.

My Future with Elementor

That’s about all I’ve done here with Elementor so far. I expect I’ll use is a little more to create or redesign some of the other standard pages on the site, like the About Me and Contact Me pages.

I haven’t decided yet whether I want to fork out another $50 or so for an upgrade to the single license I already have for Elementor Pro – which I’m using on a different site right now.

I could transfer that license usage to this site. We’ll see….

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Elementor Isn't As Elementary As You Might Think
Implementing the Elementor page builder
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