Good Featured Images Can Be Hard to Find

Before I created this post, I hadn’t looked for any images to add to any of my posts.

Most of what I’m writing about here doesn’t lend itself well to including associated pictures. Sure, I could take screen shots of what I’m talking about, but those would generally be boring and lacking in color variety.

UPDATE: I now have some boring screenshots in some posts.

Still, it’s nice to put something other than plain text in these posts, so I did what I could.

Adding a Featured Image to a Post

As long as the Featured Image area was available, I decided I’d use that for some minimal imagery.

It’s rather easy to use. I’d say it’s roughly a tad easier than inserting a picture into a post directly.

Adding Featured

In the WordPress post editing area, there is an option (usually at the lower right) to set the Featured Image for a post. You simply click the link there and either upload a new picture or pick one that already exists in the media library and click the Set featured image button.


Along the way, you can optionally add a caption and alt text, which is text that shows up in case the picture can’t, for whatever reason. I don’t usually add those things for a featured image.

Where to Find Featured Images

As I mentioned above, finding decent images for posts at the WordPress Inn is kinda tough. That’s why you currently see my site icon image reused several times.

I don’t want to pay for these images, so I just do Google Image searches and filter for those that are free to use.

That doesn’t leave me with much. Maybe I should get more creative.

If you do a similar search, you’ll probably have better luck, since your topic isn’t likely to be as blah picture-wise as what you see here at the WordPress Inn.

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