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Gutenberg Is Here; Install the Classic Editor Now

UPDATE: There is no need for the Classic Editor anymore. Use Gutenberg blocks instead.

There is a major change coming to the WordPress (WP) editor tomorrow, December 6, 2018. This version of WP is known as both Version 5.0 and its code name, Gutenberg.

Depending on your settings at your web hosting company, your WP site might update to this new version automatically, or you may be able to switch to it on your own schedule manually.

Many, if not most or all, of you will experience no problems when you update to Gutenberg. If you suspect you might have troubles or are just plain wary of the whole thing, you should install the Classic Editor plugin right now.

WP Classic Editor
WP Classic Editor

Shown above is the plugin to look for in Plugins > Add New.

What Is Gutenberg Going to Look Like?

If you already use a WYSIWYG editor (Elementor, Thrive Architect, and others), you have some idea of what Gutenberg will be like.

It is more graphical, as opposed to textual, than the classic editor. The intent is to give you a better idea of what that Page or Post that you’re working on will look like before you Publish or Update it.

It’s especially intended to make editing easier for newcomers. Those of us who are used to the classic editor may have a transition period where things go a little slower than they formerly did because we have to adapt to the new environment.

Life after the Gutenberg Update

Whenever your site does update to Gutenberg, you should check most, if not all, of your Posts and Pages to make sure they still look the way you want them to.

If any of them don’t, you should be able to make appropriate adjustments within the Gutenberg editor.

Here’s hoping that you won’t have much of that kind of work to do and can just enjoy the update to 5.0!

Gutenberg Is Here; Install the Classic Editor Now
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Gutenberg Is Here; Install the Classic Editor Now
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