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Menus and Logos within and without Elementor

UPDATE: I have removed Elementor from this site since this article was originally posted.

I decided I wanted to add a header menu to the WP Inn’s home page…and maybe a logo too.

Here’s how that went down.

Adding a Header Menu to the Home Page

I had created the home page from an Elementor Template. When you looked at the live home page, there was no menu at the top.

So I was surprised to see the site name and menu, as it appears on all pages other than the home page, when I went in to edit the home page template.

It was then that I remembered I had edited the home page itself, not its template, earlier. That’s why some of the changes I could see on the live page didn’t appear in the home page template.

Confused? If so, I wouldn’t be surprised.

You can edit a page like this from two directions. I’m finding this isn’t the wisest thing to do, but I’ll just live with it for now.

So, to add the same header menu found on all my other pages to the home page, I edited the page itself within Elementor. I added a section at the top of the page and dropped a navigation menu into it. I changed the selected menu from Footer Menu to Header Menu, gave the section a border similar to the one I created earlier around other home page sections, and I was done.

UPDATE: I created a site-wide Header Template in Elementor which is what you now see…well, site-wide.

Adding a Logo to the Header

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m not the greatest designer. Fortunately, the graphic I’m using for the site icon was designed by someone else. I decided it was good enough to serve as a site logo as well.

At first I was going to add it to the home page, but then I thought, even though that’s where you usually expect to see a logo, it might not look the greatest with my current setup.

So I’m settling for adding it to all my non-home pages. Thus, the little inn you see at the top of this page (and just below).

Inn Logo

I got it situated there by using the Customize menu, which is where most themes these days have that feature.

I like the angled look it gives the whole header area (at least, on a non-table and non-mobile device). Don’t you?

Menus and Logos within and without Elementor
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Menus and Logos within and without Elementor
Working with Wordpress and Elementor menus and logos
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