Previous and Next Links for Getting from Post to Post

UPDATE: I removed Elementor from this site since this article was originally posted.

I had decided to include just 4 Posts in the main section of the home page at the WP Inn. I had further decided to list just 5 Posts in the right hand sidebar as a handy way to get to the most recent Posts too.

That left no easy way to get from one Post to another once there were more than 5 Posts in the Inn. (There are already several more than 5 in existence.)

The solution? Adding “previous” and “next” links to the bottom of my Single Post Template.

Updating a Template

To update any of the templates you have created with Elementor (Pro), you go to Elementor in the left menu of your WordPress dashboard and click My Templates at the top of the fly-out sub-menu that appears.

When you see the template you want to change in the list, click Edit with Elementor to get into the same design mode you were in when you first made the template.

Working with the Quirks of the Astra Theme

If you scroll to the bottom of a template based on the Astra Theme, you might at first be stymied by the fact that you can’t add a new element to the main section.

This is because the creators of Astra have overlapped the main section with the others. Technically, it has do to with the z-order, which determines what’s really on top where you can access it.

Fortunately, you can scroll to the top of a template like this and add new elements there. Then you can click and drag them down to where you need them. This is what I did with a Post Navigation element.

Styling a Post Navigation Element

As with most Elementor elements, you can change just about everything associated with a Post Navigation element.

I decided to change the border to match the rest of the page. I also changed the look of the arrows you can click to get to the next (or previous) post.

The rest of the items I left as the defaults.

On a related note, I also changed the border of the Author Info box that (now) falls between the end of the article and the Post Navigation area.

On one more related note, it occurs to me that having 4 posts in the main area of my home page and 5 posts in the sidebar is rather redundant. I’ll probably add a few more to the sidebar list.

Unless you have a better idea…?

Previous and Next Links for Getting from Post to Post
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Previous and Next Links for Getting from Post to Post
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