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Query Loop Block and More

A Query Loop Block is probably best used as part (or all) or your home page. It loops through your posts and shows them either in carousel style or grid style.

I’ve discovered that, if you have a pinned post, most of the time it will show that one first, even if you have the block set to show only one post on the page.

There are a handful of styles from which you can choose when you pick the carousel type. I show each of them in separate Query Loop Blocks below. The 4th and 6th carousels styles do not show the pinned post.

Here is the first carousel style.

Here is the 2nd carousel style within a Query Loop Block.

Here’s the 3rd carousel style within a Query Loop Block.

Here’s the 4th carousel style within a Query Loop Block.

Here’s the 5th carousel style within a Query Loop Block.

Here’s the 6th and final carousel style within a Query Loop Block.

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    Query Loop Block and More

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I think most of the above displays would look better on a page where you used the full width (or nearly the full width) as opposed to having a widgets column at the right (or left).

I’m not going to try showing the grid view because setting it up seems unnecessarily convoluted. There are better options for showing posts in a grid than this one.

Post Title

Below is the title of this post.

Query Loop Block and More

Why you would want to add the Post Title Block to your post, I don’t know. I think it’s just there as part of the whole Gutenberg scheme and not really meant to be selected.

The same would be true of these blocks.

  • Post Content
  • Post Date
  • Post Excerpt
  • Post Featured Image

You can see them in your list of available blocks, but don’t insert them anywhere manually. Just let them do their thing on their own naturally.

Latest Posts Block

For a long time (in Internet years), I’ve used a plugin called Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnails. It has a ton of options, most of which I simply don’t use. It seems that WP noticed the popularity of such widgets and so created a block that does essentially the same thing.

The block below is the result.

Now, I wouldn’t normally use this block inline within a post like this. I’d add it to a right (or left) hand column where you see pretty much the same thing right now.

By the time you read this though, I may have decided to make the switch and eliminate the widget plugin and use this Latest Posts Block in its place.

The only thing I don’t care for is that there is no space between the featured images. I probably could get used to that though.

This block does have quite a few options built in. You can include post content – either an excerpt (of a length you decide) or the full post, which seems unnecessary in all but the rarest use cases. You can display the author’s name, the post date, and (obviously) the featured image. You can adjust the size of the image (by default, it’s 4 times as big as what you see now) and decide whether or not to make the image a link to the post.

Finally, you can sort and filter (by category and author) which posts to show, and you can choose how many to include in the list (5 by default).

Query Loop Blocks and More
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Query Loop Blocks and More
What Query Loop Blocks (and a few others) do and what they can look like.
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