Resources for Creating a Website

You could spend a lot of time and money on tools and services for creating a website, but most people (like you) don’t need to or want to.

On this page, I’ll list the resources I use to setup all my sites. There really are only a few necessities for getting started.

Basic Resources

To setup a basic website where you have complete control, you really only need to purchase 2 things…

  1. A domain name
  2. A hosting plan

I’ve explained in some detail how to choose a domain name in this article.

And I’ve written about getting a plan with a hosting company in this article.

When you understand what each of those things is about, you’ll be able to click the links below to grab one of each for yourself, and away you go on your road to Internet blissdom!

Advanced Resources

After a while (or maybe right from the start), you may decide you want to do more with your site than just blog your random thoughts on it.

Many people (me included) choose to put their website(s) to work for them and try to make money online. One of the easiest ways to get started with that is via affiliate marketing.

And the best course I know of for learning all about that kind of Internet marketing is called Digital Worth Academy (DWA). Check it out today.

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