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Schema Blocks – How-To, FAQ, and Review

With the Ultimate Addons plugin, you get pre-designed “schema” blocks for How-To, FAQ, and Review posts. What follows is a brief look at each of these so you can see if you want to use them on your site.

How To Configure How-To Schema in Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

So to get started, you will just need to drag-n-drop the How-to Schema block in the Gutenberg editor. The How-to Schema block can be used on pages that contain a How-to in their title and describe steps to achieve certain requirements.
I added an image (right hand column) because a note in the editor suggested I do so. It also asked me to include an image for each Step (below) and a Call to Action as well. When I did these things, the note went away.
It’s important to realize that each Step is an Info Box Block of its own within this schema. The whole purpose of this block is to let search engines (the big G, in particular) that this is a How-To post.
I only changed items below as noted. (I also changed the heading above from an H3 to an H2 for TOC purposes.) The rest is what you get by default when you include this block in your post, including the first paragraph in this section.
Oh, one more thing…I deleted the question mark that was in the heading above because that’s not a question, and I changed the appropriate words to lower case. (Many people really need to learn how to do this properly.) Technically, the “To” should be lower case also, but I make an exception for “How To” phrases.

Total Time Needed :



Total Cost:



Required Tools:

– A Computer.

Things Needed?

– A WordPress Website.

Steps to configure the How-to Schema:

A pen writing

Step 1 – How-To Write

Click here to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Step 2

I clicked here to change the text.

Domain names

Step 3

I also clicked here to change the text for Step 3.

FAQ Schema

This schema works for me in the editor, but not on the published page. Nothing happens when I click a question.

Review of the Review Schema Block

The Description is supposed to go here. I’ll use it for other purposes.
I changed the heading above from H3 to H2 for TOC reasons again.
There’s a note in the editor suggesting I add the following.
– Product SKU
– Product brand
– Global identifiers
– An image
– The author’s name (There’s a place for that just below.)
– The publisher’s name
I wish I could change the above to a proper list, but the block won’t let me. I guess it doesn’t expect to find one here. Fine.

Gary Sonnenberg


If this is just a summary of the review, where is the actual review supposed to go?
All of the missing items in the list above can be filled in using the column at the right in the editor.
Notice that this whole block is, for some unknown reason, indented slightly from the other blocks above. If this is unique to the Astra theme, fine. If it happens using all themes…why?


Aside: Sorry for the same featured image yet again.

Schema Blocks - How-To, FAQ, and Review
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Schema Blocks - How-To, FAQ, and Review
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