Spectra Test Page #1 – Patterns and Containers

Info Box Heading

This is the text in an Info Box which is inside a Container. Spectra is big on Containers, apparently for their flexibility.

The Container above contains the flower image and the Info Box with the Call to Action button. It was selected from Spectra’s Template Kits – one of the Patterns they offer.

This Container has 4 inner Containers that I selected at random.

After I selected this Container, I chose a shadow box preset.

The presets are in the options at the right side of the editor. I “manually” added these 4 paragraphs, one in each inner Container. By default, all 4 are white rectangles “hovering” over a light gray shadow. You can change that.

Unfortunately, the layout of these 4 inner Containers isn’t maintained on the published page.

As you can see, you can really go nuts with the options. Unless you’re a professional design artist (or the equivalent), it’s probably best to stick with templates and presets that actually (hopefully) were designed by such people. The only thing I changed in this paragraph, which is in its own Container, is the text size…switching it from the Medium default to Large.