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Writing Articles for Your Affiliate Site

There are two main types of articles you may have on your affiliate income site: Reviews and Informational. It this article, I will share how I can help provide you with such content.

Writing Review Articles

You can suggest all sorts of things for inclusion in your article – title, subheadings, keywords, etc. I will try to work them in, but I won’t guarantee they’ll make the final cut. Sometimes what you had in mind at the beginning just won’t work in the end. If so, I’ll explain my reasoning for such differences. You, of course, are always free to make any changes to my work later on.

When it comes to the length of the article, there is no minimum number of words. Personally, I always try to hit at least 1000 words, but some products just don’t have that much in the way of features and specifications to write about. I will not add “fluff” just to hit a desired word count.

I will get your article written as soon as possible – usually right away, but I won’t be held to a deadline. I generally have plenty of time for this kind of work, but if many of you suddenly make requests, there could be a longer-than-usual delay.

I write in Google Docs, not with an ink pen as shown in the picture above. (I don’t even own one like that…anymore.) I will need an email address (preferably a Gmail address) to share the doc with you.

You will need a PayPal or CashApp account to make payment. I will share my account info with you privately.

The cost for Review articles is $.05 (USD) per word. It’s possible to have an article written at a lower rate, if you do the product research yourself and provide me with the data.

Writing Informational Articles

Pretty much everything above also applies to informational articles I write for you. There are a couple of significant differences though.

First, it depends on whether you have done the research for me or not. If you have, then the price is lower. If you haven’t, then the price is higher.

The cost for Researched Informational articles is $.10 (USD) per word. The cost for Un-Researched Informational articles is $.20 (USD) per word.

You can find samples of my writing both here at The WP Inn and over at My Musical Picks (an affiliate site of my own).

If there’s anything I missed here that needs to be settled beforehand, just let me know.

To request one or more articles, use the Contact Form on the Contact Page.

Writing Articles for Your Affiliate Site
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Writing Articles for Your Affiliate Site
If you need good content written for your affiliate income site, just ask me to help you and then pay me for it later.
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